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Satan’s Only Weapon ~ Part 2

“Jesus is teaching religious Jews that in reality it’s not about being religious but about having a personal relationship with the Lord.  It’s not about external religious practices, it’s about internal interaction with the Spirit of God.  It’s not about religious activities for other people to see […]

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Satan’s Only Weapon ~ Part 1

“A lot of Christians go and listen to the Word but they are not HEARING it because their mind is occupied with other things.” This Friday’s Featured Study is the first message given in our Satan’s Only Weapon series. In this series Pastor Bill takes us through […]

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Deuteronomy 14

“We have to seek the Lord for our time, for our finances, our social life; everything that we do. The Lord has a will for every area of our life in service to Christ. It’s not legalistic, it’s a relationship.” This Friday’s Featured Study is Deuteronomy 14 […]

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Ecclesiastes 1:1-2

“Most Christians lack life experience with Christ.  We jam our brains with Bible knowledge but we have very little life experience with the Lord Himself.” This Friday’s Featured Study is Ecclesiastes 1:1-2.  This is the first study in our recently completed series on the book of Ecclesiastes. […]

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