Ephesians 4:17-19

This Friday’s Featured study comes from our 2011 series in Ephesians.  This study speaks for itself:

“We thank You that You have drawn each one here because You have a ministry for each of us.  We might not feel it or realize it or know it, but You are drawing us to Yourself.  You are transforming and renewing our minds so that we might better understand the things of Christ, so that our perspective of life will be according to the truth, and so that our function will be according to the truth.”
“We are already united in Christ.  It is not a matter of working to create it, but rather a guarding to keep it.  It is Satan’s plan to divide believers against other believers.”
“God’s Spirit works through each individual member of the body of Christ in order to supply the ministry of God’s Spirit to the other members.”
“No matter what the reason, whether we’re distracted and detoured away from the things of Christ by life itself, or whether we’re angry at somebody or we don’t like somebody in the church, it is to get us away from God’s ministry to us that builds and solidifies our relationship with Christ.”
“We cannot do without the rest of the body of Christ.”
“God left us in this condition for us to make responsible choices, whether to serve Christ or the flesh at any given moment.  The message is don’t live your life like the rest of the nonbelievers live.  Because we have the Spirit of God living in us, when we try to go out and play in the world like the nonbelievers do God’s Spirit grieves.”
“When you have the holiness of God living inside of you there’s got to be conflict and there’s got to be choices; but God empowers those choices to live for Him.”