Matthew 5:43-48 ~ The Correct Understanding of Love Part 1

Paul says that he knows that in his flesh is no good thing.  He has tried to keep the law in his human effort but his flesh is weak and there is no good thing in it, only sin, so he cannot keep the law.  He says, “It comes down to this: with my mind I serve the law of God.  I agree with it and I say, ‘I want that to be for my life;’ but I am also saying that I do not have the ability to do it.”  That is the key to it all, “I don’t have the ability to do that, Lord, it has got to be by Your Spirit.”  And going back to Ezekiel 36 that is His promise.  His Spirit will fulfill His statutes and laws.  His Spirit will perform them.  My responsibility is to acknowledge that; not to take it as a challenge for me to go out and do what God tells me to do.