Genesis 22

“What God is doing in testings and trials is teaching us to obey the voice of the Lord.  And to obey the voice of the Lord is in parallel to our fear and reverence for God.  Abraham, at this point, had more fear and respect for God about disobeying Him then he did sacrificing his only son, the son of promise.  He would rather raise the knife and obey the voice of God then disobey God and keep his own son.  That’s a tough thing to do.”

This week’s Fallback Friday Featured Study is from our very old series in Genesis.

Genesis chapter 22 is one of the most enlightening segments in the study of Abraham’s life because it helps us to understand about testing and trials.  It answers the important questions.  Why do we have trials?  What is God trying to accomplish by trials?

“What a trial does, and what a test does, by the hand of God is put us through the death process.  And what He does, at the end of the trial, by His resurrection power is bring newness of life.  So, it’s always experiencing death and life in that order.”

“Every test and every trial is like a finger pointing right at us, challenging us, ‘Are you going to obey the Lord?’  We look at the cost.  We look at the sacrifice.  When God tests us, He tests us not with the throw away things, but with the things of value and importance because God will only allow us to have one god in our life.”