Greek Exegesis

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The Book of Romans is considered to be the Constitution of the Christian Faith.  This in-depth study is designed to feed both the young and the advanced believer.

The lectures for each lesson are recordings of live class lectures and guides the student through the text of Romans with in-depth detail and explanation of the text.  The teacher is Professor Bill Klein, President of The Bible Translation and Exegesis Institute of American.  Pastor Klein has been teaching Greek and studies on the entire Bible for over 48-years. He has served as Professor of New Testament Greek at Master’s International Divinity School from 2008-20013 and has authored a New Testament Greek course which will be posted on this site in the near future.

*** Each lesson is divided into sections of Scripture.

*** Each section has an audio reading of the Greek text accompanied by a literal English translation.

*** A Word Association Diagram follows for each section detailing the thought pattern of Paul as he was inspired to write this letter.

*** Next in each lesson is an in-depth presentation of the diagram of each verse complete with the grammatical parsing for each Greek word along with an English translation.  An in-depth audio lecture explains the importance of the relationships of the Greek words and their meanings along with a Bible study presentation of the ministry of the text.

When important verses are covered the Bible study on that verse can last several lessons.  There are also in-depth studies of various important topics presented along with the text of Romans such as a multi-part study on the Four Spiritual Laws of the Believer, The Phases of Christian Growth, the Biblical teaching on Prayer, and many other important teachings and doctrines of the Christian Faith.

*** On the opposite facing page to the verse diagram is a listing of the root words of the verse and their meanings. Each root word is number-coded to the word in the text so that the student can follow the teaching even if he or she does not know Greek.

Every believer who commits to the study of the Book of Romans will be thoroughly established in the Doctrines of the Christian Faith.