Hebrews 12:9-13

“Whatever we are occupied with, it has to do with ourselves.  The answer is surrender it to the Lord.  Forget about it.  Move one.  Leave it up to Him.  However you want to say it.  And then you just focus on the Lord.  Keep looking off unto Jesus and sprint to the finish line.  You won’t have time to worry about all the problems and things in life.  Besides, all of the problems in life we leave behind anyway.  If we were to die today, we leave them all behind.”

This Friday’s Featured Study comes from our 2004 series in the book of Hebrews.

The book of Hebrews is presenting that every single thing, every difficulty and every hardship that we have to go through is the discipline of the Lord.  Period.  It cannot be looked at in any other light if you are approaching it from the Word of God.

In this specific study, Pastor Bill is discussing the importance of our focus and our perspective.  He says it best, “I’ll tell you what.  Get rid of the baggage.  You only have the capacity to be occupied with one thing, so just be occupied with Christ.  When it comes to this life, just do what you have to do.  Don’t make it complicated.”