I Peter 3:1-7 Part 5

Not even one intimidation, emphasizing living life not fearing.  As a lifestyle, you are going to live for Christ and you’re not going to fear the consequences.  You might be concerned about the consequences, but you stand firm and stable.  Your relationship with the Lord must be non-compromising, while at the same time, you maintain proper order.  You don’t Lord it over the husband and you don’t fear any intimidation though threats of what might happen to you.”

This week’s Friday Featured Study is the fifth part in our 2009 series on submission from I Peter 3:1-7.

We are still in the section discussing submission as it applies to wives.

This message covers I Peter 3:3-6 where Peter goes deeper in his teaching of the lifestyle of the wife – explaining that it isn’t focused on the outer person but rather the inner person.