I Thessalonians 4:1-8

“The moment that I receive Jesus Christ, I am literally born of, and receive, His spirit into my heart.  That’s what saves me.  That is what makes me a Christian.  God’s Holy Spirit comes into my heart.  The moment God’s Spirit comes into my heart I am holy.  Make sense?  Not holy in that I’m perfect or without sin; but I have God’s Holy Spirit in me, so I am holy.  I am set apart.  I am a saint.  I’m a set apart person.  And the very process of the Holy Spirit coming into my heart is sanctification.”

This Friday’s Featured Study comes from our 1997 series in I Thessalonians 4:1-8. 

The Thessalonians were concerning themselves with Christ’s second coming.  In chapter 4, Paul acknowledges Jesus is coming back for His people but instructs them on how a believer is to live while waiting for that return.  In this study, Pastor Bill discusses Paul’s presentation of the necessity for believers to learn how to possess the vessel of their body in sanctification and honor to Jesus Christ, and Paul’s explanation of how this is accomplished.

“Do you know that God has a will for you and you can know it?  Do you know what God’s will is for your life?  Sanctification.  It sounds important.  What does it mean?  The word sanctification means to be set apart, to be set aside for one purpose and one purpose only.  It is not a word of performance it is a word of position.”

“You know that is our biggest problem as Christians together.  In the natural – in the human – we look to other people to satisfy us and if they don’t satisfy us, we let them go.  We gather people around us that satisfy our various needs and if they don’t, we get rid of them.  We are very self centered, selfish people.  But you are not here for me you are here for Christ. And in love towards one another we ought to be encouraging one another just as Paul opened up this chapter, ‘I’m calling upon you and encouraging you, walk with the Lord do what is pleasing to Him.’  It does not matter whether I am pleased or not.  I am supposed to approach you as somebody who has been set apart by God’s Spirit for His purposes, and respect that work of God in your life, and the fact you belong to Jesus Christ and God has a purpose for you.”