II Samuel 12

“When David was a fugitive on the run he learned to trust the Lord.  When David became a success and was at his ease in luxury is when he fell into sin.  There is no time out in our battle against sin.  We are constantly involved in the war.  Once we become satisfied in the luxury and the success, that’s when we fall into sin.”
“Nathan brings this parable of these two men and you notice there is nothing in the story about lust or adultery or murder.  Just evil.  How one man in his greed can get for himself and how it hurts other people.” 
“Not only did Nathan bring God’s Word of judgment to David and David’s sin found him out, but Nathan also brought the word of forgiveness.”

This is part two to last week’s featured study.

Here we see David being confronted with his by a prophet of the Lord.  The Lord, in His mercy, came to David and opened his eyes to all he had done and it brought David to his knees.  The picture of repentance  and submission and humility in this chapter is one of the best in all of the Bible.