James 3:3-6

“The Lord by His Spirit wants to reveal His glory through our life.  That means a lot of things in me have to change.  That’s His first message, “You are saved but you have got to change.  My Spirit through My Word will minister to and change the cortex of your brain.  You will become a new person.”  But let me tell you this: when you become a new person there will be less of you and more of Christ.”

This Friday’s Featured Study comes from our 2008 series in James.

James says the most dangerous element in a person’s life that the Lord is really looking to control is the tongue.

The one great thing that your tongue can be used for is to minister God’s truth and God’s grace to other people, but if it is not the Lord, and it if it is not the truth just the opposite happens.  Your teaching, your tongue, leads people in the wrong direction.  

The speech of man is the indicator of whether a person is under control with the rest of their life.  We are setting the course of our life based on the tongue.  What we say and how we say it will guide the direction of our life in the human realm. 

The complete and mature Christian is somebody who has reached that point where God’s Spirit is in control of their tongue.  They are consistent, not perfect, consistent, and they are walking with the Lord 24 hours a day seven days a week.  You come to a point where you say, “I want my speech, I want my actions, I want my decision making to represent Jesus Christ; so that other lost people will find their way through something that I might say to them.  Or, even more importantly, some Christian brother or sister will find encouragement and refreshment.”