Leviticus Chapter 1

The key word of the book of Leviticus is holiness. It has nothing to do with performance, it has to do with being set apart for the Lord’s purposes. The same word was used for the vessels of the tabernacle.  They were all dented and scratched as they traveled through the desert, they didn’t look real good on the outside a lot of the times.  But their purpose was to be set apart to be used in the tabernacle and not to be used for common use. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We’ve been purchased by the blood of Christ and so we are set apart for His purposes and that is what sanctification means. When the Holy Spirit has come into my heart, I was sanctified, I was set apart, I belong to Christ and I have been set apart for His purposes. I am not to give my body and my life over to common use.