Mark 1:1-8

“The moment that a person receives Jesus Christ into their heart, His Spirit literally comes in and cleanses them and resides in their spirit. So it is very important to realize that salvation does not come because I religiously believe in God.  That I become a child of God the moment that Christ’s Spirit comes into my heart; and the moment His Spirit comes into my heart, He cleanses me, He fills me, He seals me, and He keeps me.  And nothing can separate me from the love of Christ.”

Continuing with our theme of salvation, this week’s Friday Featured Study is from our series on the Gospel of Mark. 

Mark 1:1-8 is the Introduction to the Gospel of Mark, but it is also “the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”  Needless to say, these eight verses are rich with content.

This study covers explanations of: repentance; baptism – that is, Jewish baptism, believer’s baptism, and baptism of the Holy Spirit; John the Baptist’s character and calling; and exactly what happens when a person is saved.