Mark 8:1-21

“The people had a problem.  Back in Chapter 6 [the disciples] were running around trying to solve the problem for the people.  They had two things wrong.  Number 1, they could not use their human resources to take care of the situation.  Every situation is created to be beyond our authority and beyond our human control.  We have to come to Christ.  He is the head of every situation.  He already knows what He is going to do and that is what we studied back in Chapter 6.  John Chapter 6 told us that Jesus said to the disciples, “What are we going to do guys?” and they ran around trying to find enough bread and enough money and they said, “We don’t have enough human resources to take care of the situation.”  That is when Jesus took over and showed them, “You are not the answer and you do not serve them.”  The Lord is the answer and we serve Him.  The Lord gives to us the ability.  He takes whatever small resources we have to give to Him, and He takes that, and blesses it, and multiplies it out; but we serve Christ in the situation.  We don’t serve people, we serve Christ.”

This Friday’s Featured Study is from our old series in Mark (also dating back to the 90s).  It continues the theme of what it means to be a “disciple” of Jesus Christ.  In this message Pastor Bill covers the first half of Mark Chapter 8 and we catch up with the disciples who are faced with feeding yet another multitude, after the feeding of the 5000.

As with last week’s study in Matthew, there are multiple things happening at the same time: the Lord addressing the crowd, reprimanding the Pharisees, and of course, teaching His disciples.  It is a beautiful depiction of three different approaches and heart responses to Christ and His ministry.  It is also a beautiful depiction of the faithfulness of the Lord, as the good shepherd, to keep his disciples on the path and to keep reminding them of the importance of total dependence on Him.