Matthew 10:34-39 Part 1 ~ The Cost of Discipleship Part 1

When Christ comes in, He comes in to take over.  I am now IN HIM and He is now IN ME.  This is relational, not doctrinal.


We don’t understand that the things of the Lord are spiritual, not humanitarian based.  That is why we misunderstand the Scriptures.  The church of today has become more humanitarian based.  Instead of, ‘Deny yourself,’ it is, ‘Come to church and express yourself.’


Jesus did not say you couldn’t love your family or friends; when it comes to choice, love for Christ must have priority over the closest ones to us.


The reason Jesus is saying these very hard things is because all of life is looked at as being from a spiritual basis not a religious, human basis. In the human it hurts.  In the human it is hard.  But in the spirit realm there are only two kinds of people in the world: those who belong to Christ and those who do not.  The two do not go together, spiritually speaking.


Your enemy in Christ could be your best friend in the human.  The one who accepts the fact that you are a Christian, that you have Christian values and doctrines, they will accept that.  In the human they might be your BFF, but they have a spiritual influence that is going to pull you away from the things of Christ.


This is what it means to be a testimony for Jesus Christ – it is not the things that you gain, but the things that you suffer.


This is not religion.  This is not legalism.  This is relational.