Matthew 10:34-39 Part 2 ~ The Cost of Discipleship Part 2

“I cannot overemphasize this.  I cannot go too far if I emphasize it every week.  Remember this morning I started off with saying we’re two-thousand years removed from the actual person of Jesus Christ being here, from an actual identification with Him Himself and we have a book called the Bible.  And it’s through the Bible that we relate back two-thousand years, but we’ve lost the reality of a personal relationship with Him as they had back then.  We have Christ with us today but we would rather study a book.”

This Friday’s Featured Study is part two of our recent study in Matthew 10:34-39 on The Cost of Discipleship.

We think this is an important message to revisit often.  In part two, Pastor Bill emphasizes the denial of self and surrender to Christ as Savior and Lord and Master.  He makes the point that life as a disciple isn’t practicing principles or doing the work of the Lord, but giving up your life and making Christ your identification because Christ is life.