Matthew 14

“Do you realize that is what Christian growth is?  The Lord is changing us to learn to live by faith rather than by how we feel about things, rather than by what our emotional reaction is, or even by how we analyze and judge the situation.  Because, just like the disciples, we are prone to human evaluation.  Phillip says, ‘Well, if we had 200 days wages it would not be enough to feed all these people.’  Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, says, ‘I have a little boy here who has a small lunch, but what is that amongst so many?’  Hopeless.  
“We live by our human evaluation, our emotional reaction and response, what our physical senses tell us, what our opinions are, how we feel about things, and what we believe about things, which don’t mean anything.  We should ask, ‘What does the Lord want?’  He already knows what He is going to do for every situation, and the situation challenges us, asking, ‘What are YOU going to do?'”

This Friday’s Featured Study is from our old series in Matthew (probably dating back to 1995!).  It is the first of a few studies we will showcase that illustrate precisely what it means to be a “disciple” of Jesus Christ.

In this particular message Pastor Bill covers all of Matthew Chapter 14.  We find ourselves approximately a year away from Jesus going to the cross and we see the Lord spending a lot of time with his disciples before He dies.  He is using this time to minister to them and to teach them how to live by faith and how to follow and be obedient to Him.

There is a two-fold ministry occurring in this chapter.  There is a general ministry to the crowds and there is a pointed specific ministry to the disciples.  We are going to see the Lord continually put the disciples in circumstances that are totally impossible for the human; circumstances in which the Lord is the only answer, the only one with the power and the ability to resolve the situation.  Through these circumstances, Jesus was teaching the disciples not to trust in their own human effort and reason and logic but to come to Him with everything.

This is the same lesson the Lord is working out in His disciples today.  God’s Spirit uses His Word to change and transform us from the inside out; leading us to live life by faith and not by sight.