Matthew 6:5-15 Part 6

“Religion is forcing Christianity.  Religion is psychologically practicing what is in the Bible.  Biblical Christianity is spiritual, it is not psychological and it is centered around the Spirit of God in and through man.  But, as Paul said at the end of Romans chapter 14, if it is not done by the Spirit of God it is sin.  As simple as that.  Cut and dry.  Black and white.  The way it is.”

This Friday’s Featured Study is from back in chapter 6 of our current Matthew series.  While teaching about prayer from the text of Matthew 6:5-15, Pastor Bill gave a special study around verse 10, “Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

In this study, Pastor Bill discusses what exactly a sinner is, what salvation is, and explains there are two gospels being preached in church today. 

“We don’t talk about salvation anymore.  We don’t hear the salvation message anymore.  There is a different gospel being preached.  It is psychology.  It is the practice of the Bible with a person’s mind that they use on themselves.  It doesn’t involve the Spirit of God whatsoever.  The spiritual gospel message is being lost.  And the humanistic, human-centered, self-centered gospel is being preached.”