Explanation of the Salvation Process Part 1

“I am using all the terms of Christianity but I am showing you the technical application of it.  These are pretty loose terms and you might be thinking that I’m being too technical, but this is what the Bible teaches.  The Bible actually teaches a detailed presentation of who a sinner is, who a non-saved person is, and who a saved person is.  It’s one of the things, even amongst Christians, that people cannot agree on; but the Bible tells us specifics.”

Continuing our topical series on Understanding Salvation, this week’s study comes from our Mastering the Bible1 course, specifically the study on Romans 6. 

The book of Romans contains all of the doctrines of the Christian faith; and Romans 6 gives us the most detailed presentation on the understanding of salvation in the entire Bible.

Pastor Bill had already covered The Doctrine of Condemnation and The Doctrine of Imputation (or Justification).  This study begins his presentation of The Doctrine of Impartation (or Sanctification).

This study is split into two parts.  In this first part, Pastor Bill defines justification, reconciliation, and sanctification.  He also defines and explains the Biblical concepts of sin and of death.  He then gives a technical, but easily understood, explanation of salvation illustrated using the infamous “balloon man” (included in the handout).

1  The Mastering the Bible course is a survey type study Pastor Bill gave covering the entire New Testament.  It was given weekly over three years and it teaches “All you need to know about the New Testament.”  The full content of the course (250 mp3 audio studies & accompanying pdf lesson pages) will be available through our website sometime in 2019.  Stay tuned!