Understanding Salvation

“It is true when Jesus said, ‘You do not understand the scriptures, nor the power of God.’  You can’t win your salvation.  You can’t lose your salvation.  You are saved by Jesus, and if you’re ever to lose your salvation, Satan would have to kick the Lord out of your heart.  That’s impossible.”

This week’s Friday Featured Study is the first study we are featuring from the topic of salvation.

“What does it mean to be saved?” appears to be such a simple question, but you will find that just about everyone has a different answer.  The reality is, the body of Christ today does not understand the salvation process.

In this study, Pastor Bill takes us all over the Scriptures highlighting the teachings of Paul and John and even Peter as he explains the salvation process.  He also answers the oft asked question, “Can I lose my salvation?”  And finishes the study with a short discussion of division, both in the world and in the church.