• II Timothy 3:1-5 ~ The Characteristics of People in the Last Days

    "So in II Timothy chapter 1, Paul addressed the fact that Timothy was starting to withdraw from the ministry because of the difficulty.  In chapter 2, Paul told Timothy to be empowered in the grace of Christ.  Serve as a soldier, function as an athlete, labor as a farmer knowing you will reap the fruits.  But now we are in chapter 3.  And Paul is warning Timothy, 'Do not think that there is going to be revival.'

    "The Bible says in the last days there is going to be apostasy, heresy, not revival.  That is what it says.  This is not just difficult.  This is fierce times, harsh times.  As a matter of fact the only other time that this word is found in the Bible is in Matthew chapter 8 verse 28 where it describes the two demonics that came out of the cave, describing them as very ferocious.  In the last days there will be dangerous times, no revival.  There will be tremendous amounts of demonic activity that is going to affect the personality, the mind, and the emotions of people.  Know this, that in the last days dangerous times will be present."