• Matthew 17:1-2 ~ The Purpose for the Transfiguration of Christ

    "You can't have suffering and you can't have the surrendering of your life to Christ without knowing that in the future there is going to be glory, and there is going to be transformation. These two chapters together present the proper perspective of life. Most of the time our perspective is incomplete; we only see the human, the suffering, the hardship, the difficulty. It is very important that we see both the human and the spiritual."
  • Matthew 17:1-8 ~ Our Blessings in Christ

    "Christians wrestle with their performance but our performance is not the basis of a right relationship with God. The basis of a right relationship with God is having Christ the Son living inside of me. Him in my spirit is the only thing that is acceptable and well-pleasing to God the Father."
  • Matthew 17:9-13 ~ The Coming Age of Restoration

    "We think humanistically rather than spiritually. We think a God of love will not cause people to be hurt or offended over our decisions to be obedient to Christ and that is not true. When people are hurt and offended over my obedience to Christ, that is my testimony and I know my testimony is bringing conviction. There is going to be separation because people are making spiritual choices. You either belong to Jesus Christ or you don't. You are either following Jesus Christ or you are not."
  • Matthew 17:14-21 ~ The Doctrine of Faith Part 1

    "It is faith that works, not people working faith. Faith is producing the works, it is not people. If you say you have faith then the faith should have activity to it."
  • Matthew 17:14-21 ~ The Doctrine of Faith Part 2

    "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. God's chosen way to bring His persuasion and His influence and His ministry is when believers gather together to hear the Word of God."
  • Matthew 17:14-21 ~ The Doctrine of Faith Part 3

    "God measures faith. Whatever He wants us to do, He gives us the faith to do it. If you have to force it then it is not the faith of the Bible, it is not the faith of Jesus Christ, it is psychology. It is you forcing yourself, influencing yourself to be a certain way to get God to bless you. That is not the faith of the Bible."
  • Matthew 17:14-21 ~ The Doctrine of Faith Part 4

    How Faith Works – includes supplemental verses

  • Matthew 17:22-27 ~ Deny Yourself and Be Free of Offense

    "For the believer the great measurement of spiritual maturity is sacrifice. Sacrificing yourself and your self rights and your self wants for the betterment of others so that they would not be offended."