• Matthew 18:1-14 ~ The Precepts of Greatness

    "After all these years, I found out the most spiritual position you can be in is to admit that without Him you cannot do one thing. Others brag they can do it but in reality, I can't live, I can't understand the things of the Lord, I can't even follow Him without His Spirit being there to give me the ability to do it. And confessing that to Him is the highest standard of spirituality."
  • Matthew 18:15-20 ~ The Precepts Concerning Sin

    "That is why in so many churches there is so much disunity and why the function of the church is so dysfunctional; because there is so much sin that is not being dealt with. There are so many people that have so many different opinions there is no harmony, there is no unity in the Spirit in the church."
  • Matthew 18:21-35 ~ The Precepts of Forgiveness

    "Jesus is outlining for us how important it is to humble ourselves, and even to administer severe discipline on people who will not repent. There must be repentance."