• Matthew 19:1-6 ~ The Proper Interpretation of Divorce Part 1

    "Let's find a way to stay married, not try to find a way out of marriage. What God intended for marriage should be the motivating factor, not what people want or don't want."
  • Matthew 19:7-12 ~ The Proper Interpretation of Divorce Part 2

    "Of course you have difficulties, you got married. You are living with another human being. The real question is do you have the ability to endure the differences between yourself and other human beings? Denying yourself is the key to getting along in relationships."
  • Matthew 19:13-17 ~ The Poverty of the Rich Man Part 1

    "God works everything for the good. It doesn't say everything is good or that God works good in everything; but the end result is to experience the goodness of God. Sometimes just being devastated, you put yourself in line to experience the goodness of God."
  • Matthew 19:18-22 ~ The Poverty of the Rich Man Part 2

    "Jesus is revealing to the rich young ruler that there is something about his life and his lifestyle that prevents him from having a right relationship with the Lord. Even though he was a good guy and did some good things for people. Even though he had wealth and helped his fellow man with his riches. He still lacked one thing; devotion to God Himself."

    "And I can say to you honestly from experience, most people who profess to be Christians don't have that kind of one-on-one relationship with the Lord. Daily interacting with Him. Seeking Him as to what we are to do or where we are to go or how we are to function in this earthly life."
  • Matthew 19:23-26 ~ The Provision of Salvation

    "We try to take time out to make it to church on Sunday, or make it to Bible study; but the rest of the time we give ourselves completely to advancing ourselves, progressing ourselves, getting more money, making life better for ourselves, and not realizing that this is not a Sunday morning walk with the Lord only. We are to walk with Him and seek Him and serve Him, daily."
  • Matthew 19:27-30 ~ The Provision of Rewards

    "The Lord has a will. He has a plan. He has a design for everything in our lives. For all of the people that are in our lives, the events that come up in our lives, Jesus has a plan. He has a will. It is not a religion; it is a relationship."