• Matthew 20:1-16 ~ The Parable of the Vineyard Workers

    "What seems first to us in our human evaluation is last in the eyes of the Lord. And what seems last in our human evaluation is first in the eyes of the Lord. Our human judgment and ability to evaluate is from our culture and from our flesh, and goes against most, if not all, of what is of the Lord and what is right in His eyes."
  • Matthew 20:17-34 ~ The Petition for Two Sons and Pity on the Blind Man

    Jesus does not call people into a religion. He calls people into a personal relationship with Him. Not just to be a believer; but to be a follower. To enter into personal intimate relationship with Him. And Peter says, "We follow His footsteps." The reason we are treated unjustly - even though people do not realize it - is because we have made the decision to follow Christ. Therefore we suffer the Lord's sufferings. We suffer the Lord's difficulties when we participate with Him.