Genesis Chapters 36 – 37

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It is fascinating to see the events of the life of Joseph and the things that happen to him. And to remember that God works it out for his good. All the evil and all the evil intentions that were brought upon him, God works out for his good. There is not anything evil or bad that can happen that has not been approved of and overseen by the Lord, which He will eventually work out for the good. 

Now Romans 8:28 does not say, All things are good, it says, God works all things for the good. That is why we have trouble. I do not have to consider evil good and I do not have to consider adverse circumstances good. I can say, "They are adverse circumstances," and I can say, "Evil has been done to me," but I can still trust the Lord. He will work it out so it will be for my benefit spiritually. It will draw me closer to Christ and the Lord will work things out through it. This is the ministry of Joseph. You see Christ in Joseph's life.