Hebrews 13:10-17 ~ Concerning Sanctification, Sacrifice, and Submission

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I am a person attempting to yield to the Lord for Him to use me in the body of Christ for the purpose for which He has, whatever that might be. If it is in a position of leadership, it has nothing to do with being up in front of people preaching. It is a twenty-four hour a day job, function, vocation, calling. It is not on the clock - there is no clock. When God lays on your heart there is no time to go to sleep, you must pray. That is just a family function, that is just what we do. So Paul is saying yield to the leaders who are attempting to minister the things of Christ. Attempting to bring forth that life of faith and persuasion from those who have come before us. Yield to them for they themselves are watching on behalf of your souls.