Luke 14:27 ~ The Cost of Discipleship Part 3

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I am often asked, "How do you know what the Lord wants you to do as far as following behind Him?"

Well, as you look at your decision making process was the Lord directly leading you to do that because He wants you to do it? Or was it just something you want to do?

All of us have to understand who we are and how we function. I look back on decisions in the past and I have asked myself, "Can you honestly say that the Lord led you to go do that?" Nobody else, nothing else, not even you, His Spirit is leading you to do it. And this is the importance of how we affect one another. I as a brother, get ministered by the Lord through you, all my brothers and sisters. And you get ministered by all of us, and our walks with the Lord.

When I read Paul’s teaching, it is not just a teaching that I follow, this is Paul’s life. He is saying, "Be imitators of me as I am of Christ." So I say, "Okay, Paul. Show me what you did there. How did you respond to that circumstance? Show me the Lord in it."