Matthew 27:11-31 ~ Consider Jesus

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"I do not know how many times I have seen these verses being taken out of context. He is talking to people who are weary because they have grown discouraged in their souls. We can get so discouraged that we turn out of the way and our path will no longer walk with the Lord. Because of discouragement, because life is so hard. He says, 'You think life is hard?' Turn back to Matthew chapter 27 and read and realize what Jesus did for you. Jesus suffered and He did not do anything wrong. He did this so that he would identify with us. We suffer so that the Lord can discipline us. And the discipline is for us to be able to partake of His holiness. 

"So, what are we to do with all these accounts of the suffering Jesus went through? Consider Him. Analyze Him. Especially in the days when life is very difficult and very hard. Consider Jesus who despised the shame and endured the cross. That is what they ask us to do, consider Jesus."