Proverbs 4:10-19 ~ The Instruction Concerning the Two Roads

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Notice all these terms that have to do with going down a road or going down a path. While you are walking down this path of wisdom, your step will not be hindered. Nothing can get on that path to hinder you. God has made it so that nothing can get on that path to hinder me. Nothing will impede as I follow Him.

I think it is interesting. I came across something this week where someone said, "You know, you can’t steer a ship unless it is moving. You can’t steer a bicycle unless it is moving." There is nothing that is going to stop you in your walking, so walk. Follow the Lord. 

In your walking, your step will not be hindered, if you run, you will not stumble. That is a guarantee. God is going to keep us from stumbling. He is not going to allow anything on the path to hinder. You say, "Well, I have been hindered, and I have stumbled.” Guess what? You were not on the path when that happened.