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"The word learned is where we get our term disciple from. Jesus actually experienced obedience.  He did not learn it, like He did not know what obedience was. But He experienced obedience while going through the trial, not by getting out from underneath it. The word translated obedience is hupakouō, and it means to listen, to put your hearing under. Jesus experienced putting His hearing under God the Father through suffering, and through the death on the cross. That is a hard thing to do. We are always looking to get out from the hardship, and out from the trial, and out from the suffering. Jesus experienced what it was to put your hearing under God while going through it. Not quitting. Not going back. But going all the way through it until you get to the other end. And then you are delivered.

And notice what the deliverance is for God's people.  Very important.  The deliverance for God's people is the Lord's presence. That's it."