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The word exposed means conviction. To present evidence for conviction in a court of law. If I am practicing evil, I will not come to the light because the light is going to bring about conviction that I am practicing evil. You are going to be convicted by the evidence and it is going to show what is of God and what is not. See, the person that has a heart for the Lord says, "Examine me and see if there is any wicked or pained way in me." They want to find out.

So, if we want to go in the way of the Lord, we have to be able to take it. God, by His Spirit is going to convict us of things that are not of the Lord. If we have a heart for Him, He is going to show us our sin. He is going to show us what grieves Him and what pleases Him. But those who practice evil, they do not want to be around the word of God; they do not want to be around God's Spirit; they do not want to be around God's people, it brings conviction. And they do not want to be around the light. The light uncovers everything.

So if you want the word, you have to want conviction. You have to want all the conviction that we deserve, because that is what corrects us. And God does not bring condemnation. That is what this text is saying, He does not condemn His people. What He does is He brings conviction about what is of Him and what is not. That is what we want. But He does not condemn us.