Romans 15:22 ~ Paul’s Faith in the Providence of God

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"We are learning from paper what the teaching and truth was two thousand years ago, but we do not have experience. We fill our mind with the knowledge of God's word. But the real fulfillment of the truth is when God's Spirit takes His word and works it out in our life to where it becomes part of us. It becomes part of our character and it becomes part of our person.
"We have a tendency today - more than at any other time in church history - to preach, and teach, and run the church, strictly based on an intellectual academic understanding of the Bible without much development of a spiritual relationship with Christ. So many in ministry have yet to learn how to walk by faith. Most have yet to learn about the providence of God.
"Paul says, I will not dare to speak of those things except which Christ has worked out through me. You see, Paul did not just want to see people saved. He was not interested in creating religious robots. He wanted to see people obedient to Christ in speech and in activity."