Romans 16:25-27 ~ Understanding Obedience of Faith

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"The only hope of glory you have is Christ dwelling in you.  It comes through the new birth. I have not chosen to believe that the Bible is the word of God. God’s Spirit has convinced me and convicted me of that.  You can take my Bible away from me. I am not going to try to defend it. If it comes out tomorrow, headlines across all the newspapers, 'Scientists have proven the Bible to be a hoax!' I cannot do anything about that. It is not about the ink on the paper. I have Christ dwelling in me and that is my hope of glory, not words on a page. And yet, somehow, in some miraculous way, God has taken the words on the page and made it alive to me. I share that life with you. And you might listen and say, 'That is not living to me.' I cannot do anything about it."