The Most Important Spiritual Principle of the Christian Faith

By Pastor Bill Klein             I have been involved in ministry for more than forty years and have always been motivated by the conviction that an extensive study of the Bible is necessary in order to properly present the Word of God; yet even as I […]

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What do the seven stars represent in the book of Revelation?

Question:In the book of Revelation are the seven stars elders of the church or angels? Answer:The seven stars are angels. The Greek word is ANGELOS, It has two meanings: the first is “messenger” and the second is “angel.” In John’s writings (The Gospel of John, I John, […]

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Can we take the Lord’s communion unworthily?

Question:Could you please explain what it means in 1 Cor 11:29 to eat and drink the Lord’s communion “unworthily”, and what it means to “discern the Lord’s body”. Answer:This is yet another text that has been twisted in the past few years. In context, Paul presents the […]

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Is the Rapture Biblical?

Question: Is the rapture taught in the Bible? I was told its nowhere in the Bible. Answer: First of all, the rapture is taught in the Bible; it is just a matter of semantics. 1 Thessalonians 4:17 says concerning the rapture: Then we who are living and […]

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Can a Christian continue in Sin?

Question: I have a question for you “Greek guys.” In 1 John 1Footnotes[1] 1:4 Some manuscripts your, John speaks of sin and our advocate for our sin, but in chapter 3, he goes on to say “whoever sins has not seen Him, neither known Him,” and, “he […]

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Can we lose our Salvation?

Question: I’ve always been told you can forfeit your salvation. It sounds like you are saying this is impossible when you give your life to Christ. Can’t people backslide? Answer: You have touched upon a very important issue. Over the last fifteen years, emphasis on the ability […]

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