Isaiah 20 ~ The Preparation and Pronouncement of the Prophecy

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“In defense of my relationship with the Lord, I have to stay away. By separation we are not being religious snobs; we are actually inflicting conviction upon other people. Whenever I consider that God does not want me to fellowship with certain people, the first thing that arises in my mind (and I find it to be the same with other believers) is, ‘Oh! I don’t want to hurt their feelings.’ But you understand their soul might be lost and their eternity is more important!”

“The other reason people give is, ‘We have to love people.’ Separation is love. When God, who is all love, loves us He does whatever it takes to get our attention, and to convict us, and to place upon our hearts the serious issues of life. He does not just let it go. That is love. And so God has called us out. Be separate! Because they will influence you, and you will have no influence on them.”