Greek Concepts

νοῦς (nous)

mind, thought, understanding, spiritual perception

The Greek concept of νοῦς (nous) has to do with our perceptive abilities (a way of understanding or interpreting something, a mental impression). Humanly speaking it is being aware of something by way of the senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, etc. While spiritually speaking it refers to the believer’s Spiritual perception, which is necessary for discerning the will of God. The Bible teaches that man, in his natural human state, does not have the ability to perceive and understand the things of God. Furthermore, it is only the Lord by His Spirit who is able to open man’s mind in this way; thereby allowing him to see, and to hear, and to know.

To further our understanding of the Christian maturation process, we are beginning an eight-part study on the Greek word νοῦς (nous, Strong’s 3563). νοῦς (nous) refers specifically to the mental ability and capacity of perception. Our first text of study is Romans 12:1-2 …