Greek Concepts

νοῦς (nous)

mind, thought, understanding, spiritual perception

The Greek concept of νοῦς (nous) has to do with our perceptive abilities (a way of understanding or interpreting something, a mental impression). Humanly speaking it is being aware of something by way of the senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, etc. While spiritually speaking it refers to the believer’s Spiritual perception, which is necessary for discerning the will of God. The Bible teaches that man, in his natural human state, does not have the ability to perceive and understand the things of God. Furthermore, it is only the Lord by His Spirit who is able to open man’s mind in this way; thereby allowing him to see, and to hear, and to know.

  • Nous Part One ~ Romans 12:1-2

    February 1st, 2021

    To further our understanding of the Christian maturation process, we are beginning an eight-part study on the Greek word νοῦς (nous, Strong’s 3563). νοῦς (nous) refers specifically to the mental ability and capacity of perception. Our first text of study is Romans 12:1-2 …

  • Nous Part Two ~ Ephesians 4:17-24

    January 3rd, 2022

    Paul says that once a person has been born of the Spirit of God, all of his growth and interaction with Christ takes place in the mind. Paul is not presenting a teaching involving the practice of psychology, but rather is showing that the believer’s life and maturity come from interacting with the living Word of God, an interaction that takes place within the various areas of the function of the mind. …

  • Nous Part Three ~ I Corinthians 1:10-13

    January 10th, 2022

    The Lord’s desire, as expressed through Paul, is to have His people proclaiming and teaching the same Gospel and developing together toward the same perception and judgment as to the Truth in Christ. However, unity in the Body of Christ can only be expressed through renewed and transformed minds. There is no shortcut to maturity in Christ. …

  • Nous Part 4 ~ I Corinthians 2:14-16

    January 24th, 2022

    People in the natural human condition are not able to search out or investigate the things of the Lord. The Holy Spirit must reveal the spiritual things of the Lord. Only through His Spirit are believers able to perceive the wisdom of the Lord in life. …

  • Nous Part 5 ~ Luke 24:13-45

    February 5th, 2022

    The Lord never taught His disciples to produce their own faith or spiritual perception and understanding. Instead, He continually put the disciples in circumstances that revealed their inability to function spiritually. The Lord taught His disciples to depend on Him during the three years He physically walked with them. Mercifully preparing their hearts to receive the truth of the Word of God when the time came. …