Preach it, Pastor Bill, preach it!

Most of the studies you will find on our site are exactly that – Bible studies, presentations of the teachings of the Bible.  But, Pastor Bill, has been known, on occasion, to preach a sermon.  You will find those sermons here.


Sermon ~ Satan’s Only Weapon Against a Believer in Christ

“Peter is talking to Christians. The devil is walking around and his only weapon against a believer in Christ is to find something to occupy the attention of the mind and take that believer away from Christ. Not spiritually, not as far as salvation goes, but to take one’s attention away from Christ.”

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Sermon ~ The Most Important Principle of the Christian Faith

“You see, when God gives the commission, God fulfills the commission.  This is His work, not ours.  Nowhere did God commission us, in our human effort, to do His work for Him.”

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Sermon ~ What it Means to Be a Living Sacrifice

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