Topical Studies

The Birth of Christ

It is important to properly understand what the Bible teaches about the Birth of Christ.  The following is a collection of messages Pastor Bill Klein has given on this topic over the years.

  • Matthew 2:1-12 ~ The Circumstances Surrounding His Birth (2022)

    "We are going to study the circumstances surrounding the birth of Christ because it reveals the heart of God. It is important to study the circumstances and to know them; to know what part of our celebration is according to the Word and which is not. There have been parades. There is tinsel. Lots of lights. A great celebration. But when Christ came it was not a great celebration; other than in the fields where the angels appeared to the shepherds."
  • Luke 2:1-14 ~ Understanding Peace (2019)

    "Jesus Christ came on the earth as a baby to bring peace to individuals who are receptive of Him. I pray today that you will know the peace of Christ. Not just believe in Him but know His peace. He is our peace. He never changes. Yesterday, today, and forever He never changes. He is as solid as the rock that He is, and we can trust Him with everything."
  • Matthew 1:18-25 ~ The Purpose for His Birth (2014)

    I draw your attention back to verse 21, the purpose for the birth of Christ. You will call His name Jesus; for He Himself will save His people from their sins. Emphasis on the word from. We know the Scriptures teach us that Jesus came to be our Savior and to die on the cross so that we might be forgiven of our sins. But this text says purposely that He came to save us from our sins. It emphasizes deliverance. It emphasizes separation from the source of sin itself.
    The purpose of one's life dictates one's lifestyle.
  • Luke 2:1-14 ~ Our Misconceptions Concerning the Birth of Christ (2013)

    "God with us" does not mean that human relationships are going to be better. That is not the purpose for Christ's coming. 

    Now I am going to make a statement to you. And I want you to think about it for a while before you actually give it your full response. If every single human being on the face of the earth right now received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, if they were truly born of the Spirit of God, there would not be peace upon the earth. Because there is still Satan and there is still sin. There will not be peace upon the earth until Jesus Christ comes at His second coming, sets up His kingdom in Jerusalem, binds Satan, and rules in peace for one thousand years. Only then will there be universal, earthly, global peace. It will never come through human effort.
  • John 1:1-18 ~ The Birth of Christ from the Perspective of Heaven (2011)

    "Jesus Christ Himself became flesh and dwelt among us. He was full of truth and grace. And those who receive Him receive all of the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. When we celebrate the birth of Christ, if we are to celebrate it correctly, we should be celebrating two births: God coming into this world and God coming into us. Bringing us a spiritual birth that we might become children of God. It is more than celebrating the birth of a prophet from two thousand years ago. Or even celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior from two thousand years ago. It is understanding who Jesus Christ is, why He came, and who He is today. God Himself in us, our hope of glory."