What do the seven stars represent in the book of Revelation?

In the book of Revelation are the seven stars elders of the church or angels?

The seven stars are angels. The Greek word is ANGELOS, It has two meanings: the first is “messenger” and the second is “angel.” In John’s writings (The Gospel of John, I John, II John, III John, and the Book of Revelation) he uses the word ANGELOS 29 times; four in the Gospel of John and twenty-five times in Revelation. In all twenty-nine instances that he uses the word, it means “angel.”

John also uses the word for elder – PRESBUTEROS – 14 times; once in 2 John 1:1, once in 3 John 1:1, and twelve times in Revelation. Each time he uses the word it is in reference to an elder or elders.

In summary, in the Book of Revelation when John means angel, he uses ANGELOS and when he is referring to elders he uses the word PRESBUTEROS. For John to write ANGELOS (angel) and mean “elder” at the beginning of Revelation would not be possible for John’s writing style.