• Matthew 28:1-10 ~ The Significance of the Resurrection

    "The significance of the resurrection is very important. With millions of people attending religious services this week - especially today on Resurrection Sunday, most are celebrating the event of the Resurrection. We have lost the true understanding of what the resurrection means. You see the Bible presents the fact that there was an event where Jesus was raised from the dead. But the Bible never highlights the event. Because according to the Bible the resurrection of Jesus Christ is not an event.  It is a person - the person of Jesus Christ."
  • Matthew 28:11-20 ~ The Proper Approach to the Great Commission

    "It is a perfect example of the message that Jesus has for all believers - is give your care to Him. Give your care to the Lord. Give your anxieties to the Lord. Not pray about it. Give it to Him. There is a difference. And the Lord's message to us is, 'You give it to Me and I will cover you. I will make it so that you are without care. You do not have to worry about it. I got you covered.'"