• Matthew 14:1-14 ~ What it Means to Follow Jesus

    "I cannot follow Jesus and follow what I want at the same time. It is impossible. To deny in the Greek text means to reject. I still function, my ego still functions, my human fleshly desires still function; but the Lord calls upon me to reject those so that I can follow Him."
  • Matthew 14:15-21 ~ The Principles of Problem Solving

    "We all have problems. We all have difficulties. We all have circumstances. This is one of the great sections in the Bible about the principles of problem solving; as the Lord reveals what is behind all of the difficulties and situations that we are in."
  • Matthew 14:22-27 ~ The Lesson of Jesus Walking on the Water

    "Life is getting harder, in case you didn't know that. The world is getting worse. Times are getting more difficult. It is time to seek the Lord. Time to stop trying to be a stronger Christian; but rather in my weakness trust Christ for who He is and let Him carry me through the storm."
  • Matthew 14:28-36 ~ The Lesson of Peter Walking on the Water

    "Now, there are people who teach from these texts that if Peter had enough faith, he would not have sunk into the waves. What they are really saying is that if Peter had enough faith, he would have no need to call to Jesus. He would not need the Lord. Peter says, 'Lord, save me!' That is what the Lord is there for. It exhibits the weakness of man. It exhibits the faithfulness of God."